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Combine the best object-oriented techniques and notations with time-tested systems engineering knowledge to form a world-class systems engineering method.

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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The purpose of this WG is to maintain the SysML-based Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM), to maintain the Model Based Capability Matrix (MBCM), and to assist with the SysML V1.0 to V2.0 transition. This working group will also coordinate with other working groups in review and management of their products, such as the MPMG.  The purpose of OOSEM is to facilitate integration of systems engineering with object-oriented (OO) software engineering, and to apply OO modeling in a way that benefits the systems engineering process. Some good sources of information about OOSEM:

  • A good overview of OOSEM is available in Chapter 17 of _A Practical Guide to SysML_ Third Edition, by Sanford Friedenthal, Alan Moore and Rick Steiner.
  • Section 9.4 of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition is another good overview of the method.
  • The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has developed training material for using SysML and OOSEM.
  • Mary Tolbert, working with Sanford Friedenthal, has developed a model of the OOSEM process using the Eclipse Process Framework. To view the model, download OOSEM Process Baseline (1/2020), extract the contents of the zip file, open the oosem_process_baseline folder, and then open the index.html file.

Transformation Enablers

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Ryan Noguchi


1. Review requested changes of the Model-based Capability Matrix, update and communicate updates to broader community.

2. Model-Based Systems Engineering Methods (e.g., OOSEM, etc.) and Related Standards (e.g., SysML, etc.)

3. Transition from SysML V1.0 to SysML V2.0.

4. Exchange of Information Between OOSEM and Methods In Software, Hardware, Test, and Other Engineering Disciplines


  1. Keep the MBCM up to date.
  2. Keep the method up to date.
  3. Incorporate lessons learned from using the method
  4. Assist in transitioning to emerging technologies such as SysML V2
  5. Develop and maintain documentation and training material.


In addition to OOSEM, the Working Group contributes to other products, and provides workshops for the Systems Engineering community. Accomplishments include:

  • Providing OOSEM inputs to INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook v4
  • Sponsoring 2015, 2016 and 2017 educational workshops on Lean Startup and Agile methods for Initial MBSE Project Planning (jointly with INCOSE Chesapeake, SOMD, Chicagoland and WMA Chapters as well as IEEE)
  • Contributing to the CIPR WG Micro-Grid Reference Model MBSE project

IW23: International Workshop Focus

Meet to restart the Working Group with the goal of updating the Model-based Capability Matrix, plan to update to the OOSEM, continue supporting the transition to SysML V2.0.  Identify other systems engineering products to be maintained.  


Planned Activities

  • Document the method
  • Upgrade the method to work with SysML V2, 
  • Maintain awareness of other object-oriented technologies
  • Maintain awareness of how the method is used
  • Maintain the MBCM

Planned Work Products

  • Method documentation
    • Guidebook
    • Interactive
  • Training material
  • Case studies
  • Updated MBCM


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