Power & Energy Systems Working Group

Facilitating a “systems approach” to the analysis and future development of effective energy solutions

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Working Group Purpose & Mission


"The Power and Energy Systems Working Group (PESWG) seeks to organize experts from within the ranks of INCOSE as well as other professionals in the Energy sector of the economy and international partners, to facilitate a “systems approach” to the analysis and future development of effective energy solutions.

The purpose of the PESWG is to direct expertise and a “systems” focus to support decision makers in the critical challenges of developing future energy systems that meet stakeholder needs for safety, effectiveness, and availability. The principal means of approaching these challenges will be to combine the disciplined system lifecycle methodologies evolved by INCOSE with sophisticated modeling tools. Through collaboration with other INCOSE working groups (MBSE, Critical Infrastructure, Complex Systems, System Architecture, Risk Management, Space Systems) guided by Energy systems subject matter experts (NASA, Cuyahoga County Microgrid, Cleveland State Univeristy) toward demonstration of desired outcomes."

Application Domains

TechOps Domain






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Working group members are being organized to focus on the following categories within the energy sector:
  • Smart Grid / Energy Distribution concepts
  • Advanced Nuclear Reactor design
  • Alternative Energy concepts
  • Aero / Space power systems collaboration through annual EnergyTech Conference (NASA, INCOSE, SAE, IEEE, AIAA)
  • Energy Storage
  • System Life‐cycle Methods and Models
  • Coordination with MBSE, Complex Systems, Critical Infrastructure, Space Systems WGs
  • Outreach to International power and energy systems participation


PESWG goals and objectives include:

1. Identification of viable candidate energy systems for inclusion in the scope of PESWG studies / activities including viable aerospace power system (Lunar surface microgrid), as well as terrestrial application (Cuyahoga County microgrid).
2. Define system methods needed for development of advanced power and energy systems and technologies required to enable life‐cycle development process.
3. For each candidate system solution:

o Definition of stakeholders and the relevant needs as applicable  
o Interpretation of key needs, risks, and requirements into quantifiable “measures of effectiveness” for comparative analysis
o Development of system models for simulation of performance and effectiveness

4. Demonstration of model‐based engineering methods to enable design of advanced power and energy systems including system behavior (MBSE), effectiveness, economics, and dynamics.(Energy/Exergy)
5. Recommendations on application of system methods and identification of key priorities for advancement of future power and energy system developments.
6. Define two Technical Project Plans for advanced microgrid applications that encompass advanced energy, power, and systems technologies needed to establish modular microgrids as a basic building block for aggregated electric power grids.

Energy sector organizations; Research Organizations; Government Agencies; Universities;
(Potential collaborative INCOSE working groups: System Architecture, Model‐driven System Design, Critical Infrastructure, Complex Systems, Space Systems, Risk 
Management )

Intended outcome(s)/product(s)/services(s):

• Draft Technical Project Plans for terrestrial and aerospace microgrid power systems, and Task descriptions for Working Group support efforts.
• Further definition of Microgrid Reference Model encompassing system architecture, economic, and dynamical behavior of microgrid energy systems.
• Establishment of INCOSE / PESWG as a leading entity on the forefront of energy solution concepts and methods of development  

Expected completion date(s) or time‐frame (e.g. short, mid or long‐term)  
Goal 1  (above) expected mid‐term (i.e. < 1 year).  Goals 2‐5 Draft of initial TPPs expected long term


  • Product - Modeling a Drawbridge: An MBSE Application to an Infrastructure Project
  • Product - Guide to the Application of Systems Engineering in Large Infrastructure Projects, Version 2.0
  • Product - A Metamodel for Infrastructure
  • Product - Trifold/ Leaflets of Systems Engineering application in the Infrastructure domain

IW24: International Workshop Focus

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Planned Activities

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Planned Work Products

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