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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The purpose of the Systems Engineering in Early Stage Research and Development (ESR&D) Working Group (WG) is to provide an open forum for the development, application, and dissemination of systems engineering principles, best practices, and solutions using a graded approach to scaling systems engineering applications to ESR&D projects. Scaled systems Engineering in ESR&D will enable higher return-on-investment of pure and applied research to achieve successful productization.


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Transformation Enablers

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Ann Hodges

Michael DiMario


The ESR&D WG will promote and apply systems engineering principles with emphasis on policy, analysis, and concepts useful to scientists, researchers, systems engineers, and leadership of these groups for the lower TRLs (1-5) and provide strategies, standards, and concepts for better approaches. It will promote and perform activities supporting the stated goals.


This WG will provide a forum for soliciting, enhancing, and communicating systems engineering principles and activities that are most relevant and create the greatest value for ESR&D projects. This working group will engage other INCOSE working groups and external organizations sharing similar interests and goals. This WG will provide knowledge, guidelines, and frameworks for the application of systems engineering in ESR&D.


  • Expected work profile for 2024 includes defining deliverables, products, and schedule.
  • Identify contributors and work volunteers.
  • Define long term road map.
  • Add to resource library; current publications available here.

IW24: International Workshop Focus

Update the Working Group team on SE in ESR&D-themed INSIGHT September issue

Collaborate with other working groups to determine points of leverage

IS24: International Symposium Focus

Continue collaboration with other working groups


Completed Activities/Work Products

  • INSIGHT vol 24, issue 3 article, Perceived Conflicts in Systems Engineering in Early-Stage R&D
  • INSIGHT vol 26, issue 3 (September 2023) issue devoted to SE in ESR&D published

Planned Work Products

  • Determine relevant technical products resulting from the INSIGHT 2023 journal
  • Case study with a government contractor


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