Systems Engineering and Lawmaking (SELAW)

Mission & Problem Statement

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Mission: The mission of the Systems Engineering and Lawmaking (SELAW) working group is to assist government with solving societal problems efficaciously by means of laws.

Formed in May 2022, the SELAW WG is dedicated to the improvement of the lawmaking process through the application of systems engineering principles and processes. SE has shown to be effective in improving quality and consistency in many sciences and engineering fields, such as aviation, energy, and manufacturing - why then, do we not apply the same discipline to lawmaking?

Problem: While there are many successful laws, the lawmaking process itself is inconsistent, which often leads to badly designed laws and in turn to ineffectiveness, duplication, obsolescence, and waste. SELAW is enthusiastic about applying the disciplined systems engineering principles to lawmaking.

Goals and Work Products

The SELAW WG's primary goal is the Creation and publication of a law design manual based upon systems engineering standards.

The law design manual sections and topics shall include the following:

  • Defects and omissions in traditional lawmaking
  • Law design standards based on systems engineering principles, specifically, the IEEE-15288.
  • Models for
    • Sanctions (fine, tax, tariff, subsidy, licensure, etc.) to achieve the desired outcome
    • Comprehensive cost of the law (cost-benefit model)
    • Risk-assessment for laws
  • Standards for periodic follow-up evaluation and validation of existing laws
  • Credentials for designers (drafters) of law-design

Planned Working Sessions & Presentations

The Systems Engineering of Lawmaking WG meets every third Thursday of the month at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) via web conference.  If you would like to join us, please join the WG and/or contact the Chair or a Co-Chair for the URL.  The URL for the web conference will also be posted on our Yammer WG page. Thank you!

Presentation material will vary by month - please contact us for the meeting agenda.



Greg Bulla, [email protected]

Co-Chair and Visionary:
David Schrunk, [email protected]

Mitchell Seime, [email protected]


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