Tool Integration & Model Lifecycle Management Working Group

Provides a forum for discussion of best practices, methods and processes that promote the development, validation and deployment of standards to advance data exchange capability of digital data created during a product development lifecycle.

Working Group Purpose & Mission


The Tool Integration and Model Lifecyle Management WG provides a forum for discussion and dissemination of best practices, methods and processes that promote the development, the validation and the deployment of standards to advance the exchange of digital data between MBSE tools and toolsets.

Several INCOSE working groups are working with the TIMLM Working Group on the development of the LOTAR NAS 9300-xxx series of Long Term Archival and Retrieval (LOTAR) of standards for MBSE. Our working group is directly supporting PDES/LOTAR working groups to develop the LOTAR for MBSE standards. Our Mou with PDES Inc. enables INCOSE to participate in ISO and LOTAR development with several other standards organizations as shown in the following organization model:  LOTAR_Overview

Transformation Enablers

TechOps Domain

500+ Working Group Members

157 Viva Engage Members

57 MBSE for PDES/LOTAR Viva Engage Members

Established in 1996


John Nallon


Mark Williams

Juan Mendo


The TIMLM WG is focused on the interoperability of tools, data, models and processes as they relate to a Systems Engineering process and methods throughout the acquisition and product development life cycles. The TIMLM collaborates with standards organizations such as PDES Inc., LOTAR, other STEP organizations and the INCOSE Standards Development Department to advance the data exchange standards to meet our stakeholders needs.


  • To provide the systems engineering community a reliable source of information about tool data exchange standards used during the execution of their business processes in the product lifecycle.
  • To collaborate with data exchange standards organizations and other supporting INCOSE Working Groups to characterize systems engineering tool integration and interoperability requirements for tools and data standards for the exchange of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) digital artifacts.
  • To promote the development, validation and deployment of standards that advance the interoperability, storage, archival and retrieval of digital data and artifacts produced by systems engineering processes.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information regarding tool interoperability, data exchange, use cases for applying  data exchange and interoperability standards and discussing interoperability accomplishments of in our systems engineering community

Activities and Coming Events

  1. Four PDES MBSE and LOTAR MBSE Workshops were conducted in 2023 covering NAS 9300 Part 500 documentation product development, Boeing - MIC to AP243 Mapping, Data Exchange Solutions, Modelica, FMI and SSP for LOTAR models, SysMl v2 review (Friedenthal); using AP243 (MoSSEC), examples of archiving models (LOTAR). Notes and summaries available on request and on our Viva Exchange site.
  2. The First Quarter MBSE for PDES and LOTAR Workshop was being held in the First Quarter of 2024 in early March. Check our Viva Engage site for copies of the presentations.
  3. PDES/LOTAR/TIMLM meetings are held weekly every Wednesday from 08:30 to 10:00 AM (Central Time USA).
  4. ISO-10303-AP243 (MoSSEC) has been approved by ISO and released to the public. PDES/INCOSE/LOTAR has embraced this standard for model exchange and is updating all specifications and standards accordingly.
  5. A pre-submittal review of the NAS9300-500 LOTAR for MBSE standard is in review and expected to be submitted for approval in July 2024. The submittal was extended from May in order to incorporate all the comments from INCOSE and PDES reviewers.
  6. A Model Portfolio Management Guideline has been published as an INCOSE product and is available in the INCOSE Store for downloading. It is free to INCOSE Members.
  7. A joint INCOSE/PDES/LOTAR/GPDIS Summit is being planned for September 2024. This will include presentations and discussions on the impact of MBSE on Digital Threads and the Digital Twins. You can find information on this Summit at (

MBSE Interoperability Forum

The 1st Qrtr PDES/LOTAR/INCOSE MBSE-IF was held Monday March 11 - Wednesday March 13th in Darmstadt, Germany. It was a continuation of the MBSE Interoperability Forum held at IW 2024 on January 28th and Monday January 29th, 2024.

Topics of the presentations and discussions on March 12 included:

  • INCOSE IW 2024 outcome,
  • MBSE-IF update.
  • 2024 Prototype, Develop IF Use Cases (Composites, CAD, Elec)
  • OMG RFP endeavor for a MBSE collaboration standard based on a DDP and Spec-IF concepts.
  • INCOSE GfSE workshop update & discussion.
  • DDP ProSTEP IViP project update and discussion.
  • MBSE-IF / SE-IF update & discussion, for
  • Collaborating with AFNeT SE-IF,
  • collective Use Cases for MBSE-IF/PDM-IF presentation,
  • best practices and alignment with MBSE IF
  • A&D PLM Action Group MBSE interoperability presentation


The March 13 presentations, working sessions and discussions included:

  • UC3M - Results dissemination & 2024 work statement for prototyping
  • Engineering Analysis and Simulation WG overlaps, NAS 9300 P520 vs P600.
  • LOTAR Leadership Workshop Report-out working session.
  • Working session: final NAS 9300 P500 changes and feedback responses
  • Model Based Acquisition metamodel and OMG process.
  • Use of MoSSEC, and LOTAR P5XX for Model Based Acquisition.
  • *Review P500 for adequate requirements suitable for DoD Contracts
  • DEIX WG- TIMLM WG INCOSE integration


The presentations from these sessions are available on our Viva Engage Community Site for your use.

Planned Activities

  1. Continue working with PDES and LOTAR to submit the NAS 9300 series MBSE data standards
  2. Conduct Quarterly virtual INCOSE/LOTAR/PDES Workshops and 2 PDES/LOTAR in person workshops.
  3. Conduct weekly meetings with PDES/LOTAR/INCOSE working groups with featured guest speakers from other standards organizations, tool vendors and member companies.
  4. Support for the emerging MoSSEC implementations and MBSE Interoperability forum

Planned Work Products

  • INCOSE Model Portfolio Management Guide Model
  • NAS9300 - 500 series MBSE based LOTAR standard.
  • Subject Matter presentations on standards and interoperability to other organizations, standards developers, INCOSE Chapters and Working Groups.
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