Oak Tree Café


Our next INCOSE Systems Exchange Café Oak Tree on the 8th November at 0800 GMT. Please note that UK time has changed away from daylight saving, so there may be a change in your area if you have not had a similar change! 

The subject for discussion at this meeting will be a review of the INCOSE international symposium held in Hawai'i (and virtually) in July 2023.

The symposium event schedule is still accessible IS2023 - Event Schedule (incose.org), and the proceedings are accessible (to INCOSE members) via Content Library, Papers & Presentations (incose.org)

If you attended please come ready to share what your favourite items (or take away points) where and why - to share with those not there.  If you did not attend please either come and listen to what people heard (which might prompt you to review the proceedings after) or look at the event schedule and ask about any item that particularly interested you.

The next session (22nd November) with continue the conference "retrospective" session asking for people to share which conference papers (not just INCOSE international symposium) have had the most impact on your Systems Engineering views / practice - and you would recommend other read. 

Come along and join  the conversation and share your personal insights towards expanding our collective understanding of systems concepts and the application of systems engineering.

Please contribute to the online discussion (before or post the discussion on the INCOSE Yammer thread) - INCOSE IS 23 (Hawai'i) highlights

All are welcome

Future events are described below

Finally - if anyone would like to take over as "coordinator" of the Oak Café (in 2024) please contact richard.beasley@incose.net to discuss.

We look forward to your attendance and contribution to our discussions

Longer term calendar of Oak Café meetings [all at 8.00am UK time)

All at 0800 Uk time - note the change to Greenwich Mean Time of 29th October

Wed 8th November 2023 Topic - Highlights for IS23 (Hawaii)
Wed 22th November 2023 Topic - Recommendations of "landmark" Se papers 
Wed 6th December 2023 Topic - Problems with Requirements - why is it still so difficult 
Wed 20th December 2023 Topic tbd
Wed 3rd January 2024 Topic - Systems thinking - challenges to its uptake 
Wed 14th February 2024 Topic - tbd  

For discussion on the agenda, and for suggestions in advance of points to make or other topics you'd like to see discussed INCOSE members can continue the conversation on Yammer - see Oak Café Yammer discussion of future topics

Looking forward to the discussions.

If you haven't got the Zoom meetings and link in your calendar already, please click on link below to register.  The café is open to all (including non-INCOSE members).  Looking forward to talking with you. 


Previous Oak Tree Café discussion (from 2023) - with links to INCOSE Yammer posts to continue the conversation.

Wed 25th October     Sustainability as a key systems issue Sustainability as a systems issue
Wed 11th October     Systems Principles and Concepts  Systems principles and concepts discussion
Wed 7th June            Tailoring SE for SMEs and new domains Tailoring SE Yammer post
Wed 24th May           Needs and Requirements - Requirements yammer post
Wed 10th May           Agile Systems Engineer - Agile Yammer post
Wed 26th April           SE and Ethics 
Wed 12th April           Book recommendations for Systems Engineers - books Yammer post
Wed 29th March        How to be on time (with system development projects) "On time" Yammer post
Wed 15th March        Systems Security / Cyber Threats Cyber Yammer post
Wed 1st March          Requirements Management Frameworks Requirements Frameworks post 

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