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A better world through a systems approach

Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)

Guiding the future of Systems Engineering

What is the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)?

  1. The INCOSE CAB is the Voice of the Customer to the INCOSE leadership.

  2. The CAB provides strategic guidance to technical leadership, leading to the development of Systems Engineering products and standards to meet their needs.

Why join the INCOSE CAB?

  1. CAB membership allows your company to guide the direction of the discipline.

  2. Employees can gain access to the state-of-the-art products.

  3. Align with peers and fellow industry leaders, grow your global footprint, and learn about how other industry leaders are applying Systems Engineering to solve business problems.

  4. Gain better access to talent – find and hire competent, certified Systems Engineers through your INCOSE connection.

CAB Leadership

CAB Application Form and Flyer

Send completed applications or questions to:

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