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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The Digital Engineering Working Group supports the strategic objective of accelerating digital engineering adoption and the role of system engineers in this new paradigm.

In addition to the Chair and Co-Chair, the Working Group activities are managed by a team of skilled experts:

Communication: Terri Chan

Technical Liaison: Celia Tseng

Treasurer: Tracee Gilbert

DE Guide Product Lead: Missy Wallace

DE Measurement Product Lead: Cheryl Jones

DVM Product Lead: Ken Zhang

Taxonomy Product Owner: Celia Tseng (acting)

DoD OSD Liaison: Frank Salvatore

NDIA Liaison: Chris Schreiber

Transformation Enablers

TechOps Domain






Terri Chan (Acting)


Chair Deputy

Tamara Hambrick



  • The WG activities and products span the systems engineering lifecycle as it relates to Digital Engineering information inputs and outputs of ISO 15288 and 15289 digital artifacts.
  • The WG will also addresses the exchange of digital artifacts between various technical disciplines involved in the systems engineering lifecycle.
  • The WG covers the presentation of digital engineering information to classes of technical and non-technical stakeholders across the complex global supply chain.
  • When appropriate, the WG will adopt previous and evolving knowledge from standards and other sources regarding the exchange of digital engineering information between multiple disciplines, and digital technologies throughout the systems’ lifecycle.
  • Close collaborations will include the TIMLM WG, MBSE Initiative, AD SE Transformation, AD Technical Information. The WG will also collaborate with the NDIA Modeling and Simulation Division and Systems Engineering Division. When considering changes or additions to standards, the WG will engage the INCOSE Standards Initiative.
  • The scope of DEIX includes “The what?” or the characterization of the content and relationships, involved in the exchange of digital artifacts. DEIX does not include “The how?” or the means and mechanisms for exchanging digital artifacts. The Tool Integration Model Lifecycle Management Working Group (TIMLM WG) defines the means and mechanisms for information exchange


The Digital Engineering Working Group supports the strategic objective of accelerating digital engineering adoption and the role of system engineers in this new paradigm.

The following goals support this mission:

  • Address stakeholders’ digital engineering needs as it relates to systems engineering lifecycle standards such as ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288, 15289, 15504-6, 12207, 26531 and 24748.
  • Develop Constructs for Assembling Digital Artifacts: A set of constructs and conventions that define how to select, compile, and analyze digital artifacts to produce digital engineering content for stakeholders.
  • Identify, Leverage and Influence Standards to Address Gaps in Digital Engineering Implementation: To use the understanding of existing and missing digital engineering related standards literature to evolve a consensus-based standards framework. To identify existing standards and conventions that apply to Digital Engineering, determine the needs for digital engineering related standards; and then, determine the gaps. Finally, in coordination with INCOSE Standards Initiative, liaise with foreign and domestic standards organizations to petition for changes or additions based on knowledge gained from Digital Engineering Working Group products.
  • Adopt a Common Lexicon: Define concepts, achieve community acceptance, and monitor adoption of the lexicon by the global supply chain as a means to describe digital engineering


The desired output for the Working Group is a set of digital engineering guides and definitions to advance the adoption and implementation of systems engineering development. The WG may specify any outcomes and products in the Technical Project Plan(s) (TPP). The WG can make these available to the INCOSE membership. TPP’s shall be developed, submitted and tracked as defined by the applicable Technical Operations procedure.

IW23: International Workshop Focus

The leadership team will meet to revise the WG charter, and to discuss the organizational structure and leadership.


Overview of DEIXWG as a working group, structure, and work planned for 2023-24 

DE Measurement Framework

Introduce version 1.1 of the Digital Engineering Measurement Framework and discuss its development. 

DE Standards (DEIX SF)

Overview of the current DEIX Standards work in progress, along with an update on the Digital Engineering Taxonomy. 

Enlist working members of the group, define a candidate set of metrics for version 2, and establish a roadmap for publication.

DE Guide (DEIX SF - DE Guide)

Review/Introduction of DE Guide followed by gathering of thoughts and perspectives on current topics  

Digital Viewpoint Model (DEIX DVM)

DVM conceptual overview followed by a workshop where participants apply DVM concepts to define digital viewpoints given a user story.

Workshop to brainstorm ideas to Incorporate into the Digital Engineering Guide.

Planned Activities

  • DEIX Standards meetings Wednesdays.
  • DEIX DVM meetings Fridays.
  • DEIX Taxonomy team currently forming
  • DEIX Working Group General Meeting May 25

Planned Work Products

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