Systems Engineering Competency Framework


What is the INCOSE Competency Framework for Systems Engineering?

The INCOSE Competency Framework provides a set of 36 competencies for Systems Engineering within a tailorable framework that provides guidance for practitioners and stakeholders to identify knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors crucial to Systems Engineering effectiveness.

Why was the INCOSE Competency Framework created?

The INCOSE Competency Working Group (CWG) produced the framework to improve the practice of Systems Engineering. The framework along with adoption of effective competency management approaches is intended to be used by customer organizations to produce competency models specifically tailored to their unique needs.

How will the INCOSE Competency Framework help me?

This is a generic framework. It can be applied in the context of any application, project, organization or enterprise for both individual and/or organizational assessment and/or development. The framework is expected to be tailored to suit the application and domain in which it is applied, combining competencies identified herein with others taken from complimentary frameworks (e.g., Program Management, Human Resources, Aerospace, Medical), or generated organizationally, to define the required knowledge, skills and behaviors appropriate to an area or role.

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