Digital Systems Engineering Process Model

Imagine: you don't have to open a 300-page long INCOSE Handbook and look trough it to find a definition of an input or output of one of the system life cycle processes. You just open an INCOSE webpage on any device you have and navigate through the process model, click on processes and artifacts to review their definitions, calling information you need from a consistent database with entities and relationships. You have a digital version of the process model on your fingertips... This miracle is now reality.

Above is a visual representation of the digital systems engineering process model. Processes are orange, activities are yellow, artifacts are green.

The handbook process model must be tailored to help real world organizations to evolve. You don't have to do it based on the book making notes on paper anymore. There is an editable model! You can download it and tailor it in a modelling tool you prefer. There is a version for the Archi modelling tool ( - we used it to create the product. You also find the Open Exchange Format XML and the CSV files to download. Please make sure you follow the copyright notice: you'll find it in the model you download.

Download and tailor it now!

Still not sure if you need this product?!

Take a look at this 3-minute video, where Alexander Efremov, CSEP, clearly demonstrates the limitations of the paperback INCOSE handbook and how the product mitigates them.

Are you feeling stuck? Here is a short summary on how to use the product and what it consists of to help you navigate through the model.

User Manual

You can view the full recording of the introductory webinar here!

  • Alexander Efremov talks about how to use the product as a template for enterprise engineering.
  • Gerben Wierda shares his insights on useful and meaningful enterprise architecture practices and teases about his book "Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture".
  • Phil Beauvoir talks about the Archi modelling tool.

And catch the cameo from Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie (Archi) at the beginning of the webinar!

"Is there something like a process model of your discipline? *receives a link* Wow, now that is a prompt and clear answer I definitely didn't expect, thank you!" - A manager not familiar with systems engineering


"It's astonishing to see the process model as a whole - even just represented graphically as entities and relationships". - INCOSE KMaO WG member

"With this interactive page I could explain my students much faster what the system life cycle process model is".  - INCOSE WS 2021, Academia representative


"The interactive version helped me to prepare for INCOSE SEP exam". - CSEP certified engineer

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Our Contributors


Alexander Efremov 

Product owner. CSEP. Alexander created this product during his train travels between Wolfsburg and Nuremberg for two reasons: he prepared himself for the CSEP exam and he was a bit bored (one travel lasts about 6 hours). During the meditative modelling he realized how integrative the product might be: it might not only bring engineers, IT teams and enterprise architects in a company together, but help respective societies to cooperate. More about that - in this interview (in German, with English subtitles).

Martin Geisreiter 


Leader of the “Terminology” working group of the German Chapter of INCOSE (GfSE).

Martin supported the product at the first steps and helped a lot with the first publication of the German version. 


Robert Nilsson, Jean Duprez,

and the KMaO INCOSE Working Group 


Chairs of the “Knowledge Management and Ontologies” working group of INCOSE 

Robert and Jean supported improvement of the German version of the product, its translation and publication at INCOSE.


Christian Lalitsch-Schneider 


Christian organised the joint INCOSE-GfSE webinar to promote the product and supported the product owner with ideas and insights. 


...and finally, the INCOSE Central Office!

This product would not have been possible without the support provided by the individuals from the Permissions/Legal, IT and overall administrative support from these individuals. Thanks to all of you!


Press Release

SAN DIEGO (05 May 2023) – The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Systems Engineering Process Model, which is designed to help individuals and organizations implement systems engineering techniques in processes. The model is available in the ISO 15288:2015 and the INCOSE handbook v4 -- both of which embody the expertise of professionals from diverse industries.   

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