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Academic Equivalency Program

The INCOSE Certification Program has recently begun to recognize academic programs as an alternative to the INCOSE knowledge exam as a way for individuals to prove their systems engineering knowledge. Universities interested in getting their programs recognized for future graduates should follow the steps listed and linked to this web page. Students in these programs will be able to bypass the knowledge exam on their path to becoming an Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) or Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP).

Current Equivalency Programs


Course Location(s)

Effective Dates

Point of Contact



Online and in-person

Fort Collins, CO, USA

August 2020 – Present Dr. Thomas Bradley


Online and in-person

Ithaca, NY, USA

June 2018 - Present

Marcella Purcell


Online and in-person

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Fall 2019 - Present

Rick Grandrino


Online and in-person

Rolla, MO, USA

August 2018 - Present

Dr. Cihan Dagli



Online and in-person

Monterey, CA, USA

January 2020 - Present

Dr. Cliff Whitcomb

University of Detroit Mercy


Detroit, MI, USA

January 2019 - Present

Dr. Darrell Kleinke


Online and in-person

Canberra, ACT, Australia

January 2019 - Present

Dr. Sondoss El Sawah




Online and in-person

Worcester, MA, USA

June 2019 - Present

Dr. Donald Gelosh


Administrative Requirements

  1. Organization is a paying member of the INCOSE Academic Council or local INCOSE chapter equivalent.[]

  2. INCOSE SE Handbook is required material in courses []
  3. Program has a current INCOSE CSEP or ESEP affiliated
  4. Students get high marks (definition varies by program) in all required courses
  5. Applies to students who start the required courses after the equivalency is granted to those courses

Technical Requirements

  1. University documents their verification methods for student success against the INCOSE knowledge exam learning objectives
  2. Submit the completed learning objectives spreadsheet [linked] to
  3. Submit additional supporting information as requested by the Certification Advisory Group
    1. May include course test questions, scoring rubrics, and course syllabi

Equivalency Mapping Template

Click here to download template.