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Disclaimer: these forms represent the official application and renewal requirements for the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional certification program as of their publication dates. If there are any conflicts between any other public certification information (e.g., the INCOSE certification website) and these forms, the content of these forms takes precedence. The INCOSE Certification Program Office is the final authority in the interpretation of the requirements on these forms.

Note: If error message is received when downloading forms, please right-click and press "save as" to save the document. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. If you are using a Mac, please follow these instructions for opening the new forms: HowTo_OpenCertificationFormsOnAMac

If located in the UK, please apply for Certification directly through the UK Chapter site: 

For Certification inquiries in the UK, please email

Initial Application for INCOSE ASEP or CSEP Certification

Form 1A – Application for ASEPPDF467.41 KB10 Apr, 2019 Download
Form 1 Individual Application for INCOSE CSEPPDF1003.79 KB10 Apr, 2019 Download
Form 2 – Instructions for Completing Form 1PDF241.63 KB25 Oct, 2019 Download
Form 4A – Instructions to References_01PDF83.50 KB17 Aug, 2020 Download
Form 4B - Reference for CSEP _ ESEPPDF461.65 KB10 Apr, 2019 Download
Form 1B – DAU Streamlined Individual Application for CSEPPDF917.83 KB07 Nov, 2019 Download
Form 2B – DAU Streamlined Instructions for Form 1BPDF93.51 KB13 Jan, 2020 Download
Form 4B - Reference for CSEP _ ESEPPDF461.65 KB10 Apr, 2019 Download
ESEP Individual Application Form 41PDF1.12 MB10 May, 2019 Download
Form 42 – ESEP Instructions for Completing Form 41PDF169.42 KB14 Feb, 2020 Download
Group Submission Form (New/Renewal)XLSX17.78 KB12 Feb, 2020 Download
Certification Reconsideration Appeal Form 11PDF1.25 MB09 Sep, 2016 Download
Application for Renewal of SE Certification Form 6PDF224.11 KB29 Aug, 2016 Download
Instructions for Renewing SE Certification Form 7PDF384.18 KB10 Mar, 2020 Download
Log of Continuing Education Credits Form 13XLS61.50 KB01 Oct, 2020 Download
Please note: Form 6 will be obsolete as of 31 December 2020. It is only required if you are using the Form 13 2014 version.
Special Accommodations Requests FormDOC551.00 KB14 Feb, 2020 Download
Form 1 Individual Application for INCOSE CSEP Good ExamplePDF1017.82 KB07 Mar, 2019 Download
Form 4B CSEP-ESEP Reference ExamplePDF471.51 KB07 Mar, 2019 Download