INCOSE UK: A New Addition to the Don’t Panic Series

Jan 23, 2020, 10:57 AM by Emma Jane Taylor

A New Addition to the Don’t Panic Series

INCOSE UK are pleased to announce the release of the latest book in the Don’t Panic Series:
“Don’t Panic – The Absolute Beginners Guide to Managing Interfaces. ”

The book focuses on interface definition and management, an essential element of Systems Engineering, and an important engineering competence. It addresses issues with integration across interfaces, including missing functionality and poor performance in the introduction of new systems. The aim of this book is to equip readers with some practical methods and tools for dealing with interfaces, improving project outcomes, and reducing risk.

Author Paul Davies said “Every interface is an opportunity to lose information, time, control, and / or money through contention between stakeholders at either end. There are many issues surrounding interface management, which are relatively unexplored in the engineering literature. I wrote this book to address these issues, and to capture best practice in a concise, easily-digestible form.”

The INCOSE UK President Kirsty Akroyd-Wallis commented “INCOSE UK are delighted to welcome a new edition to the Don’t Panic Series and hope to welcome further instalments to the series in the near future”.

You can buy a copy of INCOSE UK’s latest book by visiting the INCOSE UK online store.

Notes to the editor:
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