UK Chapter Press Release: The fourth addition to the Don’t Panic! Series: Don’t Panic!- The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Architecture And Architecting

Mar 11, 2021, 14:23 PM by Danielle DeRoche
INCOSE UK is delighted to announce the release of another addition to the Don’t Panic! book series - Don’t Panic- The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Architecture And Architecting by Mike Wilkinson and Tim Rabbets.

The book focuses on Architecture in Systems Engineering, aiming to dispel the perception held my many that Architecture in Systems Engineering is elusive, abstract, complex and difficult to understand.

Mike Wilkinson said “Architecture is all about fundamental structure and properties and is one of the most powerful system concepts.”

Tim Rabbets went on to say “Architecture lies at the heart of Systems Engineering. Systems Architecting brings disciplined thinking to articulating and addressing the essentials of a system in terms of scope and order of architectural consideration.”

INCOSE UK president Ian Gibson said “The continued growth in our Don’t Panic series to four titles, with several more under development, is a real testament to the dedication of our members and their willingness to share their expert knowledge in an easily digestible format. Mike and Tim deserve our thanks and congratulations for their efforts to demystify this subject into a Don’t Panic guide; and for their efforts over the years to develop and promote best practice in developing system architectures.”

You can buy a copy of Don’t Panic - The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Architecture And Architecting by visiting the INCOSE UK online store.

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