The Joint ASEE SED/INCOSE Outstanding Systems Engineering Educator Award recognizes an individual, who provides/provided outstanding contributions in the field of systems engineering education and/or the education of systems engineering. The awardee has demonstrated outstanding contributions in one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Significant contribution to the creation/development of a SE academic program of long-lasting impact.
  2. Development/promotion of innovative SE instructional approaches that have long sustained effective learning and that others have potentially adopted widely.
  3. Research in SE education that others have widely adopted with effective results.
  4. Infusion of SE education in non-traditional settings (e.g., K12, systems engineering for non-engineers, systems engineering for all, etc.).
  5. Long-term sustained education of effective systems engineers.
  6. Outstanding service to promote research in systems engineering education and the outreach and adoption of SE education.

Award Recipients

Year Recipient Award Citation


Azad M. Madni

For his leadership of a top-ranked SE academic program that has graduated more than a thousand SE and development of new multidisciplinary curricula for systems architecting and engineering that includes AI techniques such as machine learning and ontology-enabled reasoning.


Gregory S. "Greg" Parnell

For his support to engineering educators in general, and specifically in the areas of decision analysis, industrial engineering, and systems engineering. He selflessly gives of his time and breadth of experience to these communities.

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