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Meet our second intern, Bhautik Vadher

Aug 13, 2021
Courtney Wright

Bhautik Vadher is a graduate mechanical engineer. He pursued his Bachelor’s (Honours) degree from the University of South Australia. Before going to Australia, he completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from UKA Tarsadia University, where he was awarded with 4 golden academic excellence award consecutively, for his excellent performance in the study of mechanical engineering. He has great passion for Computer Aided Design and has in-depth knowledge of Finite Element Analysis. He has led many academic projects as project manager and a leader. Some of the academic projects are: Warman 2019, Adelaide Hills Sewage Storage upgrade, MARS habitat project and Optimization of motorcycle’s engine. He volunteered as a UniMentor at University of South Australia, where he provided ongoing support, offering a friendly face to new students and helping to make their transition to University easier.

He was INCOSE’s first certification intern from Australia. The Certification Program Manager identified his skill in creative tasks so asked him to develop INCOSE’s certification videos, illustrations, power point presentations and to create the Certification Blog. He contributed his perspectives on the Certification web site map, performed data analysis, and hosted two international webinars, working with other members of INCOSE on the preparation and delivery.

The recordings of the webinars are posted here:


147 Best Practices for Global Business

146 Online Testing for Students and Professionals

He also reached out to Kerry Lunney (INCOSE president) and other INCOSE leaders around the world to know their perspectives on global business. During his final semester at school, one of his INCOSE connections hired him for part-time work in website development and help starting up a new business, based on his exemplary work for INCOSE. 

As he recently graduated from University of South Australia, he is excited to work with organizations and industry where he can contribute his CAD and engineering knowledge to complete projects successfully. In his leisure time he improves his skills on AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS for 3D Model development and Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier pro for media development.

You might want to connect with him after reading his information and work. The best way to reach him is via LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bhautikvadher47

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