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Meet our first intern, Daniela Cantarino

Aug 20, 2021
Courtney Wright

Daniela Cantarino had the opportunity to intern for the INCOSE Certification Program during the second and third quarter of 2020, mentored by Courtney Wright. However, her story does not quite begin in the United States. She is originally from Spain but had a multicultural upbringing, living in different countries including U.A.E, Switzerland and Italy. She has been therefore exposed to multiple cultures, languages and traditions, making her a “melting pot”. Ultimately, she ended up in the land known as the “melting pot” itself, the United States. In particular, she got her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Although the latter is a great accomplishment, Daniela constantly seeks challenges to expand her knowledge and further understand her passions. This led her to continue her studies, pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at the University of South Florida, where today she is concentrating her research in the Healthcare System. Her interest in the latter was mainly fueled by her involvement in different healthcare systems around the world and the inevitable comparison among them.

Focusing on her tasks and achievements during her time at INCOSE, Daniela analyzed and interpreted data associated with 450,000 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from over 1,000 members with 40,000 activities claimed. Her work, alongside Courtney Wright and Rusty Eckman, was then presented during an INCOSE webinar (#141) aided with visual representations of the data trends. Prior to this presentation, Daniela also participated in another INCOSE webinar (#139) where she and her mentor Courtney Wright explained all the Engineering Certifications offered by INCOSE. Lastly, she gathered data and created a Change Request Log to efficiently reflect the Certification Advisory Group updates and modifications to internal documentation.

If you wish to connect with Daniela, you can find her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielacantarino/

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