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How many questions are on the INCOSE knowledge exam?

Oct 15, 2021
Courtney Wright
The INCOSE knowledge exam is a multiple choice test based on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.

The exam contains 100 scored questions. It may have 0, 20, or 50 additional questions that do not count toward the candidate’s score. These are beta questions, which are being evaluated for the future. The exam duration is 1 minute per question, including both scored and unscored questions. If you qualify for special accommodations - most commonly due to a native language other than English - you will be given additional time. 

A 120-question exam is the standard version offered online, and lasts 120 minutes. A candidate who qualifies for extra time will be given 30 minutes extra, for a total of 150 minutes. 

Most in-person, paper exams contain 100 questions. The standard time for these exams is 100 minutes. Those candidates who qualify for extra time will be given 30 minutes extra, for a total of 130 minutes.

The least common exam format is 150 questions. This exam has a standard duration of 150 minutes and a special accommodations duration of 190 minutes. 

Unless you are told to expect otherwise, your in-person exam will contain 100 questions and your online exam will contain 120 questions.
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