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What is INCOSE Certification's relationship with DAU, and will it continue?

Nov 12, 2021
Courtney Wright
If you have a SPRDE or Engineering certification from the US Defense Acquisition University (DAU), you may be able to bypass some of the steps in the path to ASEP or CSEP certification with INCOSE. It does not matter what date you earned your DAU certification, but it does have to be in the SPRDE or Engineering category.

Those with a Level II or Level III DAU Engineering or SPRDE Certification may bypass the INCOSE knowledge exam with proof of certification. Qualifying individuals can simply become INCOSE individual members and complete the ASEP application and payment to become ASEPs. They may also apply knowledge exam results toward earning their CSEP.

Those with Level III DAU Engineering or SPRDE Certification get a streamlined path to CSEP and do not need to take the knowledge exam. They also do not need to document their qualifying degree, as DAU has already confirmed that. The remaining technical requirements – for experience documentation and references – will be addressed in a short application form. Qualifying individuals will write a single narrative description of their work experience that is signed by their current supervisor, with no additional references required. This application, proof of DAU certification and the CSEP application fee will qualify INCOSE members to become CSEPs.

The DAU has recently announced a transition to a new certification in Engineering and Technical Management (ETM). This certification is significantly different from the prior certifications. There are no plans to provide a streamlined path from ETM certification to INCOSE certifications. DAU is currently developing a system engineering credential that will likely map to INCOSE certification. Learn more about the DAU changes in their Back to Basics materials here: https://www.dau.edu/back-to-basics/pages/resources.aspx 
images of ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP badges
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