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Providing a Reference for a SEP

Dec 17, 2021
Courtney Wright
One of the characteristics of a good requirement is that it be verifiable. References provide the verification of experience claims from systems engineering professional applicants.

The characteristics to look for in a reference are:
* They have at least five years of work experience.
* They knew the applicant when the systems engineering work was being done, and were aware of the work.
* They understand systems engineering well enough to recognize and describe it.
* They will fill out and submit paperwork in the INCOSE format, during the required timeframe.

If you have been asked to provide a reference for a candidate for CSEP or ESEP, your first step is to get a copy of the Reference Form 4B or 44B. These are the only documents INCOSE will accept from references. 

Your next step is to ask the candidate to give you their contact information for the form. They may also give you a copy of their application form, though that is not required. It can be helpful to you to see what they wrote about the time you worked together. You are allowed to copy that text into your submission. You must also use some of your own words. 

You will submit your reference directly to INCOSE. You are not required to give a copy to the candidate, but you may do that if you choose. 
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