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Feb 18, 2022
Courtney Wright
On February 16, 2022, INCOSE's current intern presented a webinar about the Academic Equivalency Program. This is a great source of information and can be accessed by all INCOSE members and CAB associates at the Webinar library. Webinars relevant to INCOSE certification are:

156 The Outcomes of Academic Equivalency to INCOSE Certification
146 Internet-Based Testing for Students and Professionals
141 Trends in Continuing Education for INCOSE SE Professionals
139 Fundamentals of INCOSE Certification
137 Paths to INCOSE Certification
103 Squaring the Circle: Aligning INCOSE SEP Experience Areas to the INCOSE SE Handbook and INCOSE Competency Framework
063 How Do You Recognize an Expert Systems Engineering Professional?
059 INCOSE Certification Program History and Plans for 2014
041 An Overview of INCOSE Professional Certification
020 An Update on INCOSE Professional Certification and the New Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) Designation
002 INCOSE Professional Certification Program

Note that these webinars are listed in newest-to-oldest order, and content in the older presentations may be outdated.
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