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How do I register for the INCOSE knowledge exam?

Feb 25, 2022
Courtney Wright

Taking the INCOSE knowledge exam is the first step most candidates take toward ASEP and CSEP certification. The exam can be taken on paper or on the computer. Paper exams are hosted by INCOSE chapters, at INCOSE events, or at universities, and they are proctored by INCOSE CSEPs and ESEPs. If you wish to host an exam through your local INCOSE chapter, please fill out our online form to request a local exam event

All individuals who apply for ASEP or CSEP are automatically registered to take the online exam. Those who have not yet applied can register to take the online exam through the Certification tab of their member profile. After registration, individuals will be sent an email with the exam-scheduling URL. They will be allowed to schedule a specific time and date for the exam, and they will be required to pay the exam fee to the exam provider company. 

More information about registering and scheduling the exam is available in this presentationthis presentation.

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