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How can I volunteer with INCOSE's Certification Program?

Apr 22, 2022
Courtney Wright
As a volunteer-run organization, INCOSE relies on the contributions of its members, particularly SEPs. Members serve as chapter leaders, handbook editors, paper authors, webinar presenters, and Certification Application Reviewers, along with many other roles. 

Sometimes, when we are most organized, INCOSE leaders post volunteer opportunities at the link below:


This site is also where paid positions are listed, such as the INCOSE internships. 

Some of the ways you can help the INCOSE Certification Program are formal roles:
* Certification Application Reviewer (CAR) - a current CSEP or ESEP who is trained to review CSEP and ESEP applications
* Certification Academic Equivalency Reviewer - a current CSEP or ESEP who is trained to review university applications for Academic Equivalency
* Certification Exam Developer - a current ASEP, CSEP, or ESEP who is trained to write, edit, or confirm traceability of knowledge exam questions
* Certification Advisory Group member - a current CAR who advises the Associate Director, Certification on the direction of the Certification Program, including resolving appeals

You can also help without a title.

You can give a presentation at a conference, webinar, chapter meeting, or to your colleagues to teach them about systems engineering, INCOSE, and the Certification Program.
You can buy and wear a SEP polo shirt.
You can use the SEP logo in your email signature or on your business card.
You can work with your local INCOSE chapter to host an in-person knowledge exam.
You can offer to be interviewed as part of our marketing of INCOSE Certification.
You can get involved in other parts of INCOSE, earning PDUs, and answer questions that arise about INCOSE Certification. 
You can encourage your peers, managers, colleagues, clients, students, professors, and everyone else in your organization who thinks they know what systems engineering is to test themselves by looking at the INCOSE Certification application forms and SE Handbook, and even taking the exam online or in-person. 
images of ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP badges
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