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Graduate perspective on Academic Equivalency: Diego Custódio Rangel, ASEP

Sep 04, 2022
Mrunmayi Joshi
Here is an interview with Diego Custódio Rangel, a graduate from Naval Postgraduate School, which talks about his experience and perspective as a graduate from the academic equivalency program. Happy SEPtember!


This interview was conducted in 2022. 

Q1. What is your current role/position?

» I am a Systems Engineer.

Q2. What are your next career goals?

» My next career goals are to obtain the CSEP certification level, improve my modeling skills using SysML and the MBSE approach, and pursue a Ph.D. degree.

Q3. What have you learned about systems engineering in school?

» I learned about SE fundamentals, how to develop the system architecture, the system integration process, and verification and validation techniques.

Q4. What interests you about systems engineering?

» System architecture and design, systems integration and requirements writing interests me.

Q5. What motivated you to get SEP certification?

» I understood that it is essential to certify your knowledge, especially at the beginning of your career. The SEP certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your qualification standard since it is internationally recognized. This motivated me to get SEP Certification.

Q6. How did the academic equivalency program benefit you?

» I learned about the SEP certification at NPS. When I was offered the opportunity to apply for the academic equivalency, I did not doubt that this was the best way to obtain the ASEP certification. There was a person to guide me through the process, making it quick and easy compared to friends that received the certification in the traditional way.

Q7. How did taking courses under the academic equivalency program help you deepen your understanding of SE?

» Teamworking is a crucial part of the SE job, and each one of the courses that I took reinforced this soft skill. Besides, the classes were a hands-on opportunity to apply the SE approach to designing and tools. Also, the examples provided during these courses were essential for correctly understanding the concepts provided by the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.

Q8. What is your advice for students and research professionals pursuing SEP certification?

»  If you are enrolled in a SE program and have the opportunity to obtain the SEP certification by the academic equivalency program, do not miss this! For those preparing themselves for the exam, I suggest you do not skip any chapter in your study of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook; there will be questions for all of them, so it is an excellent strategy to get some knowledge of all of them.

Q9. How can we reach out to you?

» You can reach me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diego-rangel-msc-asep-6b6575194/

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