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Student Perspective to SEP Certification: Keshav Sharma, ASEP

Sep 05, 2022
Mrunmayi Joshi
Here is an interview with Keshav Sharma, a student at ISAE SUPAERO, which talks about his experience and perspective towards SEP certification as a certified student. Happy SEPtember!

This interview was conducted in 2022. 

Q1. What is your current role/position?

» I am a Systems Engineering Intern. 

Q2. What are your next career goals?

» My next career goal is to work as a systems engineer in the technical field for a few years and then switch to technical management processes and attain the CSEP certification. 

Q3. What have you learned about systems engineering in school?

» I learnt several topics ranging from Requirements, V and V, Design and Architecture at school. The course covered many topics of the V cycle and how systems engineering makes the product lifecycle efficient and quicker.

Q4. What interests you about systems engineering?

» Systems Engineer covers different domains across different methods, processes and engineering perspective, this interests me.

Q5. What motivated you to get SEP certification?

» Preparing for Certification helps to understand the product lifecycle better and get more insight into Technical Management and Agreement processes that weren't taught at school.

Q6. How did preparing for the knowledge exam help you deepen your understanding of systems engineering?» At school I did not learn a lot in detail about the different processes that a product goes through. The certification drew a clear picture of how the process works step by step. It also introduced new topics such as lean and agile systems engineering.
Q7. What is your advice for students and research professionals pursuing SEP certification?

» Treat the INCOSE Handbook as the Bible and read it time and again to understand clearly the concepts.

Q8. How can we reach out to you?

» You can reach out to me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keshav-sharma-499385146/

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