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INCOSE Local Chapter perspective on the SEP Certification: Dorothy Benveniste

Sep 20, 2022
Mrunmayi Joshi
Here is an interview with Dorothy Benveniste, the President INCOSE Los Angeles Chapter which talks about her perspective on help provided by INCOSE local chapters (Los Angeles, and San Diego) on certification preparation. Happy SEPtember!

Dorothy Benveniste

 This interview was done in 2022.

Q1. What is your current role/position?

» I am the President INCOSE Los Angeles Chapter.

Q2. What is one of your proudest professional achievements?

» My proudest achievement the Project Engineer at Boeing Commercial Airlines for over 20 years. 

Q3. What skills do you think a systems engineer best learns through training?
» As lifelong learners, Systems Engineers are inspired to learn new technical and soft skills from instructors who are excited to share their knowledge and expertise - in all skills.

Q4. What guidance/training do you provide students regarding systems engineering and SEP certification?
» INCOSE Los Angeles and San Diego chapters conduct separate 15-week SEP Cohorts to cover, review, and discuss the material in the SE Handbook to prepare participants to take the SEP exam for INCOSE certification. The Wednesday Cohort meets at Noon hour for 15 weeks; Thursday Cohort meets from 7-8:30 pm Pacific for 90 minutes. Training is provided at no charge. Each week, a Cohort team of 3 students presents a review and discussion of the material. In week one, the first section will be presented by the Cohort Leaders to baseline presentation expectations as well as assign which Cohort teams will assemble and present their sections over the following 14 weeks. Wednesday and Thursday Cohorts share the same weekly schedule. If a student needs to miss a Wednesday session, students are welcome to attend the Thursday Cohort, and vice versa.

Q5. What motivated you to provide these trainings?
» We devote our professional engineering experience to giving back to our engineering community and to promote the systems engineering profession.

Q6. What methods do you use to provide these trainings effectively?
» In each session, cohort members are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the material in the SE Handbook. We review the N2 Diagram extensively, as it is very daunting and difficult to use without learning how to interpret horizontal and vertical values.

Q7. How do you continue to learn about Systems engineering? What developmental activities do you do?
» I personally meet weekly with Toastmasters club and received valuable feedback on my public speaking skills. I work with local universities in the College of Engineering to mentor and teach underserved youth to learn how an engineering degree can make our future world a better place.

Q8. How can we reach out to you?
» You can reach me at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorothybenveniste/

Here is the page for INCOSE Los Angeles chapter: https://www.incose.org/incose-member-resources/chapters-groups/ChapterSites/los-angeles/chapter-home
Here is the page for INCOSE San Diego chapter: https://sdincose.org/
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