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INCOSE's International Workshop's Certification Activities

Nov 18, 2022
Courtney Wright
INCOSE's International Workshop in 2023 is a hybrid event, with meetings hosted in-person and some of them streaming live online. The Certification meetings will not be offered hybrid. Rather, the meetings will be focused on in-person attendees during the IW. Then, there will be online-only meetings with the same topics.

Topic 1 - How to Apply for Academic Equivalency. Reference material: INCOSE Webinar 162 and https://rise.articulate.com/share/TSoyvnpFSjt-PoqSRk0ZEj8oKKdMrGUa#/

Topic 2 - How to Apply for ESEP. Reference material: Lori Zipes on YouTube and https://www.incose.org/systems-engineering-certification/becoming-certified/applying-for-esep

Topic 3 - How to Apply for CSEP Reference material: https://www.incose.org/systems-engineering-certification/becoming-certified/applying-for-csep

Topic 4 - How to Renew CSEP. Reference material: Cecilia Haskins on YouTube and https://www.incose.org/systems-engineering-certification/after-certification/renewing-certification

The INCOSE knowledge exam will also be offered in-person at the IW. It is available year-round, online. Register online here.
images of ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP badges
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