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What volunteer activities qualify for PDUs?

Dec 09, 2022
Courtney Wright

INCOSE ASEPs and CSEPs are required to do ongoing professional development to maintain their certification. These activities are different than the work experience that qualified them to become certified initially. Details on renewal are listed online and on Form 13

One of the ways to continue your professional development is through volunteering in ways that can use your technical knowledge. This may mean judging a science fair or it could be figuring out the logistics for a soup kitchen. As you make plans for how you spend time outside of work, consider helping your community through sharing your technical skills. We at INCOSE think that's a great way to improve those skills. 

There are three categories of volunteer activities that qualify for PDUs. 

Volunteer activities with youth in schools or community related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) - limit of 72 hours per renewal period

Volunteer activities with community, school, or non-profit organizations that help them accomplish their technical needs - limit of 30 hours per renewal period

Volunteer (i.e., non-compensated) activities within your organization related to engineering and science - limit of 30 hours per renewal period

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