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Mar 03, 2023
Courtney Wright

We are recruiting participants to try out the new questions we are considering for the next update to the INCOSE knowledge exam. We need candidates to study using the SE Handbook Fifth Edition draft (online only), and then take the online exam during April 2023. Registration closes once we reach 100 candidates or on March 23rd, whichever comes first.

Participation entails:
1. Register for online exam to be taken between 1-30 April 2023. By registering, you will be sent the link to book your online exam by 1 April.
2. Early digital access to the INCOSE SE Handbook Fifth Edition, final draft. Details will be provided once you register. Access ends on 1 April 2023.
3. Exam results will be emailed approximately 1 June 2023. If you have gmail, check your spam filter.
4. Passing exam results may be used toward ASEP or CSEP certification through 31 May 2024.
5. Whether you pass or not, all exam participants get a $100 discount on application fee for ASEP, CSEP, or ESEP certification through 31 August 2023.

Important information:
1. Candidates are not required to be current INCOSE individual members, though they will have to pay for individual membership if they later wish to get certified.
2. Current SEPs may not apply.
3. Candidate exam results will only be shared with the candidate. We won't tell anyone you participated.

If you have any questions, please email sep-exam@incose.net.

Main registration link: https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?cont...

If you are eligible for special accommodations, including if English is not your native language, please register through this link instead: https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-c57c-ea9f-0b44dabf84fd

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