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New Certification Starting 1 April 2023: DSEP

Mar 31, 2023
Courtney Wright

The Dinosaur Systems Engineering Professional (DSEP) is a new credential offered for specialists in the field of systems engineering as applied to extinct reptiles. These individuals are unique from other SEPs because of the biological and ethical considerations of their work. They are similar to other SEPs in their consideration of life cycles and product lines.  


The field of Dinosaur Systems Engineering is a slow-moving one, and the Dinosaur Body of Knowledge (DBOK) is rarely revised but frequently expanded. Outsiders might describe the development of the DBOK as sloth-like, but DSEPs refer to it as “apatosaurus-like.” They then chuckle and, when asked for clarification, explain that the apatosaurus is large, slow-moving, and suspected to be not very intelligent. The editors of the DBOK declined comment on the characterization of their technical product. 

The DSEP certification is starting off as a single, stand-alone credential. To answer the most commonly asked question about DSEP: No, just because others refer to you as a dinosaur does not mean you will automatically be certified as a DSEP.  

The inaugural class of DSEPs will be invited as beta testers of the safety fences at future dinosaur reanimation parks. What could go wrong? 

images of ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP badges
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