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Sectors & Chapters play an essential role in the achievement of INCOSE’s goals and objectives, organizing a multitude of professional and social programs; attracting new members from industry, government and academia; supporting technical activities striving to advance the state and art of systems engineering; and, showcasing INCOSE as the international authoritative body on systems engineering that it is.

Joining a Chapter

Most members select a chapter when they join or renew their INCOSE membership. If you wish to select or change your chapter affiliation at any time, access your user profile (click the circular icon with your name or photo in the upper right of any INCOSE web page), select Profile Home and then choose Change your Chapter.


The Americas Sector is made up of North & South America.

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The EMEA Sector is made up of Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

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The Asia-Oceania Sector is made up of Asia, the Islands in the Pacific Ocean, & Australia. 

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Upcoming Chapter Events by Sector

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Sector I Upcoming Chapter Events: Americas


  • INCOSE North Star: The Wooddale Organ

  • INCOSE North Star: Virtual Happy Hour

  • 2024 Annual INCOSE Western States Regional Conference (WSRC)

Sector II Upcoming Chapter Events: Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • INCOSE AEIS (Spain): Emerging challenges in systems engineering and RAMS in upcoming space missions

Sector III Upcoming Chapter Events: Asia - Oceania

  • SESA Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation (SETE) Conference 2024

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