Science & Engineering Fair

Feb 1, 2021, 19:01 PM by Admin33 Chapter

INCOSE SoMD Chapter, PMI and Patuxent Partnership provided Special Award Judges and Awards to the 2021 St. Mary’s County Science and Engineering Fair. There were 37 Senior Division entries and 14 Junior Division entries.

Special Award Winners from INCOSE for use of systems engineering principles:
Senior Division
1st Place: More Efficienst Sprinklers, Ellis Thompson
2nd Place: A Better Map Generator! Scott Sokoloff
Honorable Mention Award: Smart Cart, Mikah Mohun-Hintze
Honorable Mention Award: Creating a Carbon Footprint Calculator, Veronica Zhou         
Junior Division
1st Place: Up In Smoke, Adam Nilsson
2nd Place: Hydro Ele:tric Turbine, Braden Gutekunst
Honorable Mention: Coding and Cutting: An Efficient Path, Reed Carey
Honorable Mention: Card Counting Combinatory Computer, Joseph Grossman

Special Award Winners thru Patuxent Partnership 
Senior Division
Electrical / Electronics: Deer Alert, Lauren Lebows
Environmental / Biological: Moving Towards Mental Health,Julia Nilsson 
Unmanned Systems Chief Engineer Award: A Better Map Generator, Scott Sokoloff 
Junior Division
Electrical / Electronics: Hydro Electric Turbine, Braden Gutekunst 
Environmental / Biological: Exercise with a Mask and Heart Rate, Caroline Coleman
Unmanned Systems Chief Engineer Award: Up in Smoke, Adam Nilsson

A special thanks to the Judges who contributed to this effort: 
Lyndsay Garrett, Karl Geist, Cheryl Kinchen, Ira Minor, Greg Olson (& KRB CAB Rep), Shelley Frey, Jennifer Brown, Bonnie Green. 

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