Systems Engineering Fundamentals Tutorial Webinar

Dec 19, 2011, 00:00 AM by INCOSE UMS
Interested in learning the fundamentals of Systems Engineering (SE)?
Beginning Wednesday, January 11th 2012 and running through March 2012, this course teaches fundamentals of SE.
Interested in learning the fundamentals of Systems Engineering (SE)? The International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Training Working Group, INCOSE Hampton Roads Area (HRA) Chapter, and Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) are hosting a tutorial webinar to help you learn the fundamentals of SE. The tutorial is taught by John O. Clark, INCOSE Training Working Group Lead, INCOSE HRA ChapterDirector of Training & Education, NG Corporate SE Instructor, and NG Information Systems (NGIS) SectorChief Engineer. The tutorial covers theSE fundamentals from the SE Standards perspective which includes: EIA/IS-632, IEEE 1220, EIA-632, and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288. The tutorial also provides a composite view of SE and personal help in SE. A certificate of completion is provided on request.
Beginning Wednesday, January 11th 2012 and running through March 2012, the tutorial consists of 9 weekly 60-minute sessions held from noon to 1:00 p.m., Eastern Time USA, for up to 300 INCOSE and 250 NGC participants. There is no need to pre-register and no cost, just join in. The LiveMeeting site opens 30 minutes before the start time and each session includes an additional 30 minutes after for Q&A. The schedule is subject to change, so check the sites each morning before class to obtain the latest schedule.
Prior to each session, participants are encouraged (but not required) to read the corresponding sections and appendices of the SE Standards. These Standards andcopyrighted material from them will not be provided on any site, but the Standards may be available from your Technical Library. Hardcopies of the slides will be available on request.Course materials include the non-copyrighted portions of the tutorial slides and prior-session audio recordings for downloading if you miss a session.
  • INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) member organization current employees, including NGC current employees.  As a current employee of a CAB organization, including NGC, you can access the courseat . If your organization has set up a page on their intranet with information about INCOSE, you should find access information for the tutorial there. If not, please contact your CAB representative listedat ask them to provide the access information.
  • NGC Current Employees.As a current employee of NGC, you can access the course via the NGCLive Meeting server which contains the teleconference number in the Shared Notes icon in the upper right corner.The telecon number and passcode are the same as in prior courses. Log-in to Live Meeting early to check your access. For help with Live Meeting, please refer to the resources available on the Live Meeting portal site under “My Tools” atLive Meeting Information. The portal site contains installation instructions, a user guide, and FAQs.If Live Meeting is not accessible, download the slides and teleconference number from the NGCShareCenter siteand follow alongusing the slide numbers. If access to the ShareCenter site is denied, early if access permission is needed. Because this is an external training event, NGC employees must follow export policy and procedures in order to attend.
The INCOSE Live Meeting audio capacity has been enabled for up to 300 global callers. However, only Local US and International Toll telecon numbers are available due to the high costs incurred previously in providing tutorials. The INCOSE Toll telecon numbers and passcode are available atthe above INCOSE Connect tutorial site, but please mute your phone! INCOSE Live Meeting use of Computer Audio is highly recommended to avoid costs, but please mute your microphone!
Questions? Please contact John Clark if additional information is needed
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