Notice of expanded relationship with Wiley

Apr 17, 2013, 00:00 AM by INCOSE UMS
INCOSE and Wiley have joined together to broaden the audience for two of INCOSE’s publications:
INCOSE and Wiley have joined together to broaden the audience for two of INCOSE’s publications:  INSIGHT, our quarterly magazine; and Systems Engineering, our flagship journal.  At the same time, INCOSE has named Olivier deWeck as the new Editor-In-Chief for Systems Engineering, taking over the role from retiring Andrew Sage.   Wiley has been publishing the journal since its inception in 1998.  In addition to continued editorial growth, INCOSE looks forward to benefitting from Wiley advertising and marketing resources as we work together to build recognition and increase our presence in the universe of scholarly journals, technical publications, and international societies.
With the current issue of INSIGHT, Wiley takes on the printing/distribution function for that publication.  The goal is for Wiley to increase its involvement on the editorial side, working closely with the INSIGHT editor in the same way as the Wiley team now works with the Systems Engineering editor.  Wiley’s advertising and marketing team is already at work to develop sales materials that highlight the opportunities for advertisers and authors in INSIGHT.
The kick-off phase for the expanded relationship includes the debut of an INCOSE IS2013 app for mobile devices created by the Wiley team.  The new app, to be unveiled shortly before IS2013 in Philadelphia, will provide instant access to conference program content and schedules, business meetings and up-to-the-minute announcements.
As we expand our relationship with Wiley, the long-range vision is to work together to release INCOSE products into a much wider marketplace and increase our influence as the provider of the world’s most impactful and timely information on systems engineering.
For additional questions, please contact Roland Espinosa at [email protected]; or, Holly Witte at INCOSE, [email protected]  
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