Domain Independent Agile SE Life Cycle Project

Nov 17, 2014, 00:00 AM by INCOSE UMS
In response to need and vision 2025, an INCOSE project will establish domain independent Agile SE Life Cycle Model Fundamentals for mixed hardware, software, and wetware projects. Fifteen 3-day workshops in the US and Europe during 2015/16 will visit host sites that have experience with mixed-domain projects that employed SE processes which dealt with unpredictable, uncertain, and evolving SE environments, at least somewhat effectively. Structured analysis tools will be used to analyze the nature of one SE  process at each host site for fundamentals that contributed to effectiveness. After analysis, accumulated learning will then synthesize a guideline at each host site for an SE process application offered as in need of more agility. The goal is to discover and justify fundamental principles necessary for any agile SE process that would deal effectively with unpredictable, uncertain, evolving SE environments. Hosts will bear minimal costs of the workshop and provide two traveling participants to attend three other workshops. Benefit to hosts is new deep understandings, and internal participants that can apply the knowledge with transformational expertise, as well as an analysis and synthesis of two processes for fundamental enabling principles. Workshops will occur monthly starting March 2015.  Read a briefing of the project and workshops.
Contact [email protected] to discuss hosting and scheduling a workshop.

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