Message from the INCOSE President No 6

Jul 8, 2020, 00:00 AM by Christine Kowalski
Regarding COVID-19

Dear INCOSE Members,

I trust we are all adapting to operating under the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this pandemic continues, we encourage all our members of INCOSE to follow the guidance provided by your authorised authorities. In line with our statement in March 2020, we will continue with the following restrictions –

  • INCOSE is extending its prohibiting of all INCOSE related meetings and external INCOSE representation requiring air travel, whether domestic or international, without approval from the INCOSE Officers until 30 September 2020, at which time this restriction will be reviewed.
  • INCOSE highly discourages any INCOSE related face-to-face meeting and the decision to hold such a meeting is at the sole discretion of the INCOSE meeting organiser.

    • We encourage you to consider alternative means of communication available such as conference calling.
    • Social distancing and good hygiene practices are to be employed wherever possible.
  • Any external INCOSE representation in support of another organisation’s face-to-face meeting is at the individual member’s discretion.

The wellbeing of our members is our highest priority. We will continue to closely follow the recommended health and safety precautions. Likewise, we will keep you informed on a regular basis of any updates relating to COVID-19.

Keep well, keep safe.

Kerry Lunney
INCOSE President

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