Feb 23rd 6:45pm SoMD Chapter Speaker Meeting: Ken Ptack, ESEP

Feb 11, 2021, 16:51 PM by Admin33 Chapter
Mr. Ken Ptack will introduce the ISO/IEC 29110 standards and guides developed specifically to help very small entities (VSEs) in applying systems engineering practices to their projects. In addition, he will introduce the INCOSE Small Business Systems Engineering (SBSE) Working Group (formerly the VSE WG) and discuss their efforts. VSEs, as defined in 29110, are enterprises, organizations (e.g. public or non-profit), departments or projects having up to 25 people. Within the context of 29110, a system is typically composed of hardware and software components. VSEs around the world are creating valuable products and services. Since many VSEs develop and/or maintain system and software components used in systems, either as independent products or incorporated in larger systems, a recognition of VSEs as suppliers of high-quality products is required. The INCOSE SBSE Working Group (formerly the VSE WG) is creating Deployment Packages (DPs) for the benefit of and critical to the success of small businesses. The DPs provide systems engineering process information specifically tailored and scaled for quick and efficient implementation. The DPs are derived from ISO/IEC Standard 29110 and the INCOSE SE Handbook for use by industry and governments worldwide. Biography Ken is an INCOSE Founder and ESEP. He is a consultant for small and large organizations providing systems engineering support for all size systems. He has worked in the aerospace and defense industry for over 40 years and is experienced in real-time systems engineering, systems analysis, personnel management, project management, process development, process improvement implementation, and standards development. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Naval Engineering and a Master of Science Degree in Systems Analysis. He is the Secretary of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG24, Co-chair of INCOSE SBSE WG, member of the INCOSE Requirements WG, the INCOSE Standards Initiative, and was the INCOSE President in 1999. He served for 20 plus years as a Marine Corps pilot flying tactical combat and training aircraft missions with over 3000 flight hours. 
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