INCOSE Announces New Fellows for 2021

Apr 14, 2021, 15:26 PM by Danielle DeRoche

INCOSE Media Contact: Lisa Hoverman,

INCOSE Announces New Fellows for 2021

SAN DIEGO (14 April 2021) – The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) proudly announces the 2021 slate of INCOSE Fellows. INCOSE Fellows are individuals with significant verifiable contributions to the systems engineering art and practice in industry, government, or academia. This award recognizes practitioners from government and industry applying knowledge and contributing to the systems engineering practice in designing and acquiring systems, researchers developing new knowledge, pushing the theory forward, and teachers disseminating knowledge and developing the next generation of successful systems engineers.

The 2021 Fellows are:

  • Guy-André Boy – For globally advancing Human-Systems Integration as a core part of systems engineering in industry and academia.
  • Daniel A. DeLaurentis – For outstanding contributions to modeling and simulation methodology as well as design theory for systems of systems and complex aerospace vehicles.
  • Eberhard Gill – For contributions to space systems engineering research and education.
  • Neil G. Siegel – For significant contributions to the methodology and practice of developing and validating large-scale, complex military systems performance.
  • Ram D. Sriram – For advancing theory, practice, and computational tools for designing complex engineered systems.

Kerry Lunney, INCOSE President, states “Becoming a Fellow of INCOSE is such a rewarding accomplishment and acknowledgement of your experience, influence and contribution to Systems Engineering. As an individual you are being internationally recognized for your talent. Congratulations to our new Fellows! And rest assured, INCOSE will be reaching out to you to help fulfil our vision.”

INCOSE congratulates the new Fellows on their contributions and dedication to advancing systems engineering knowledge, practices, and methods. The Fellows are selected from nominated INCOSE members. To learn more about the Fellows nomination process visit

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