• Speaker Meeting: Jim Marshall, Legacy Platform Modification

  • INCOSE-LA Professional Networking Event, Santa Monica

  • Speaker Meeting: Phyllis Marbach, Principles for Agile Development

  • You’re in my Space: Agile’s Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies

  • Speaker Meeting: David Long, Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times

    INCOSE-LA speaker meeting with David Long, 15 April 2015: "Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times". Register by April 8.

  • INCOSE-LA Networking Event: Vertical Wine Bistro, Pasadena

    Join the INCOSE-Los Angeles Chapter in Pasadena for an evening of networking. Register by April 17.

  • INCOSE-LA Strategic Planning Meeting

    2015-Q2 Strategic Planning Meeting

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Unleashing Big Space: Next-Generation Applications with Small Satellite Advances

    Prof. David Barnhart will discuss the various areas of research on orbit aggregation. Register here.

  • Systems Thinking Workshop: Learning to Think About Systems in a Holistic Manner

    This workshop by James Martin will teach you some essential principles and concepts of systems and how to use these in a “systemic” fashion to improve your ability to think about systems in a holistic manner.

  • INCOSE-LA Professional Networking Event - Westminster

    Networking event at Michael's Sports Pub & Grill

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Al Hoheb, Systems Engineering Competencies

  • INCOSE-LA Professional Networking Event: Lancaster

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Barry Boehm

  • Latest Mars Rover Results and LA/OC Society Expo

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Bo Oppenheim, Premature Allocation of Requirements to Contractors

  • INCOSE-LA Workshop: Certification Readiness

  • INCOSE-LA Strategic Planning Meeting

    2015-Q3 Strategic Planning Meeting

  • INCOSE-LA Panel: Reprise of the INCOSE International Symposium in Seattle

  • INCOSE-LA Holiday Party

  • Deadline: Voting for 2016 INCOSE-LA Officer Elections

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