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The table below contains links to the archived data from the latest INCOSE-LA Chapter meetings. This includes Townhall meetings, Speaker meetings and any Tutorials or other Presentations. INCOSE members can find access to our larger archive on Yammer.




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Meeting Introductory Charts 




*All passwords can be found on Yammer. Email  [email protected]

June 11Needs and Requirements Manual: Verification and Validation Across the Lifecycle2024-06_Presidents_Charts2024-06_VnV_Across_LifecycleComing Soon
May 14Pushing the Boundaries of Autonomous Robotic Exploration of Planetary Bodies2024-05_Presidents_Charts2024-05_Pushing_Boundaries_on_AutonomyComing Soon
April 9ChatGPT for SE2024-04_Presidents_ChartsComing SoonComing Soon
March 12Industrial DevOps: Principles for Building Better Systems Faster2024-03_Presidents_Charts2024-03_IndustrialDevOpsZoom Link
February 13The Accidental Marketer: What System Engineers Need to Know About StrategyComing SoonComing SoonZoom Link
 January 25Special Event: Hindsight is 2024, An MBSE Retrospective2024-01_Presidents_ChartsComing Soon Zoom Link


October 10Overview of INCOSE SEHv52023-10_Presidents_Charts2023-10_INCOSELA_SEH5EZoom Link
September 26Operational Analysis and Mission EngineeringSee Sept 12th ChartsINCOSE-LA_Rob_Day_v1.2aZoom Link
September 12The Value of INCOSE Membership2023-09_Presidents_Charts2023-09-12_INCOSE-LA_Value_of_MembershipZoom Link
August 8Digital Transformation & MBSE in a Heterogeneous Environment



Charts not provided Zoom Link
July 11Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis



Charts not provided Zoom Link




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