Meeting Speaker Laura Salguero: Using Enterprise Architecture for Analysis of a Complex Adaptive Organization’s Risk Inducing Characteristics

Albuquerque , USA
ATA, 1300 Britt Street, SE. Also GlobalMeet7

Abstract: Sandia National Laboratories is an organization with a wide range of research and development activities that include nuclear, explosives, and chemical hazards. In addition, Sandia has over 2000 labs and over 40 major test facilities, such as the Thermal Test Complex, the Lightning Test Facility, and the Rocket Sled Track. In order to support safe operations, Sandia has a large Environment, Safety, and Health (ES&H) organization that provides expertise to support engineers and scientists in performing work safely. With such a diverse organization to support, the ES&H program continuously seeks opportunities to improve the services provided for Sandia by using various methods as part of their risk management strategy. One of the methods being investigated is using enterprise architecture analysis to mitigate risk inducing characteristics such as normalization of deviance, organizational drift, and problems in information flow. This talk presents a case study for how a Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) model of the ES&H enterprise, including information technology applications, can be analyzed to understand the level of risk associated with the risk inducing characteristics discussed above. While the analysis is not complete, we provide proposed analysis methods that will be used for future research as the project progresses.
Speaker Bio: Laura Salguero has always been a methodical thinker that organizes and characterizes the world around her. From her research background that spans diverse domains including physics, mechanical engineering, and biomedical research, Laura has developed a broad understanding of and deep interest in the world around her. In a continuing effort to advance that understanding, she is currently in a role as an R&D systems engineer at Sandia National Labs where she is leading a cross-divisional capability to bring MBSE to more of Sandia and is applying MBSE to a wide range of systems.

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