INCOSE LA Chapter Virtual Meeting: Leading the Transformation of Model-Based Engineering with Al Hoheb, The Aerospace Corporation

Los Angeles , United States
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Topic: Leading the Transformation of Model-Based Engineering
Speaker: Mr. Albert “Al” Hoheb
When: Tuesday May 12, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM PST

Cost: Free

Virtual Venue: Skype meeting instructions will be emailed prior to the event, and are included in your confirmation email message.  Slides will be available on the LA Chapter web site - URL will also be provided on your confirmation message.

Abstract:  Summary: Leaders transforming their organization to be more model-based engineering (MBE) capable must make sense of jargon and many ideas before setting targets with their stakeholders. They would like to provide enough model-based capabilities to get their job done and phase it in to minimize disruption. The INCOSE Model-Based Capabilities Matrix and User’s Guide characterizes the model-based capabilities needed as an enhanced set of stages that enables self-assessments and then plans evolution. The recently published INCOSE Matrix and User’s Guide, have resulted from two years of continuous use and refinement across INCOSE peers. The Matrix and User’s Guide information presented familiarizes their use while a workshop provides the opportunity to gain experience applying them.

Bio:  Mr. Albert “Al” Hoheb is the Enterprise Transformation Leader, the Systems Engineering Division within The Aerospace Corporation, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center. Mr. Hoheb has over 30 years of satellite systems engineering and acquisition experience across the DoD, Intelligence community and civil space. Al is the co-author of the published INCOSE Model Based Enterprise Capabilities Matrix and User’s guide documents. These assess an organization’s modeling capabilities needed to meet their organization’s business objectives. Mr. Hoheb is the program chair for Aerospace’s System Engineering Forum Technical Workshop focusing on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), now into its 5th year. He provides pre-award program RFP consultation for injecting MBSE on new and existing programs and is working to publish improved acquisition guidance for the space community. Mr. Hoheb has earned M.S.E.E, B.S.E.E., and B.A. Bio/Chem degrees.

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