INCOSE Certification Membership Requirement

Jun 20, 2015, 13:17 PM by Christine Kowalski
Certification Membership Requirement beginning 2016

Since 2004, the INCOSE Certification Program has provided recognition for Systems Engineering Professionals.  In 2008 and 2010, with the addition of the Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) and Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) levels, INCOSE established a professional development plan showing the path an individual might take of increasing knowledge, experience, and leadership performing systems engineering.  Both ASEP and ESEP certification levels have required an individual be and remain and INCOSE member.  Starting on 1 January 2016, that requirement will be applied to new certification applicants at all levels.  This will create a more consistent path of professional development and engagement with INCOSE.


All candidates who have paid their CSEP application fee by 31 December 2015, as well as all current CSEPs, will be exempt from this requirement.  All future CSEP candidates, including those transitioning from ASEP, will be held to the new requirement.  SEPs at any level who let their INCOSE membership or their Certification lapse will have the option to renew under the late renewal policy published on the INCOSE Certification web pages at  Additional options are also in work to allow planned lapses in Certification (e.g., for personal leave or a temporary career change). 

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