Knowledge Management Working Group

Working Group Purpose & Mission


The purpose of the Knowledge Management (KM WG) is to expand and promote the application, education and theory of knowledge management (in the form of all possible knowledge representation schemas, including Ontology) for Systems Engineering as a means to reduce or eliminate existing barriers in the SE practice.

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Jean Duprez

Robert Nilsson


Activities relating to best practices for Knowledge Management:
  • Application of the knowledge management process activities to concrete implementations in industry.
  • Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS)
  • Ontologies Definition, Construction and Representation
  • Models and knowledge information Indexing and Retrieval
  • Knowledge Comparison, Visualization, Access and Trace
  • Ontologies Management and Evolution
  • Ontologies Verification and Valid


We propose the application of knowledge management (using ontology and other knowledge representation structures) as a driver within systems engineering practice to enable processes, methods and tools harmonization. More specifically, the intention of this working group is to create outcomes that enable the harmonization and interoperability of initiatives, processes or activities and to remove or overcome existing barriers (computational, social, linguistic, etc.) among them.


The Knowledge Management working group will realize the following outcomes:
  • Disseminate the value of Knowledge Management and Ontologies in the application of Systems Engineering.
  • Promote and evolve the knowledge management process within the SE Standards, Handbook and SEBok
  • Support standard activities relevant to knowledge and ontology engineering
  • Contribute to the development of the Information-related portions of the SE handbook and SEBoK in collaboration with the Digital Artifact WG.
  • Enable accurate and targeted access to relevant SE knowledge, reducing costly duplications and errors
  • Promote ontologies and KOS as the means for real knowledge interoperability within the Systems Engineering lifecycle
  • Study the implications of Ontologies and Knowledge Management in model-based environments (MBSE), specifically their common and variant aspects.
  • Build and maintain a summary description of the techniques utilizing ontologies in Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)
  • Analyze the common approaches between SE modelling languages (e.g. UML/SysML/OPM/IDEF0/AADL and others) and Knowledge representation languages (OWL, RDF, SKOS, RSHiP, ORM, DOGMA, FCO-IM, CogNIAM, etc.)
  • Promote (and contribute to) the development of SE ontologies
  • Formulate guidance for the development of ontology-based approaches within the SE Lifecycle processes and activities for all kinds of purposes (e.g. Model Based System Engineering (MBSE), tool interoperability, traceability, Quality and V&V, Reasoning, Decision making, etc.)
  • Maintain the working group charter
  • Maintain the KM WG's digital platform

IW23: International Workshop Focus

Business Meeting:

  • Presentation of the group, our objectives, goals and main considered principles
  • Inform about last year achievements and planned activities for 2023.

    Working Session on the Primer:
  • Presentation of what was done and where we are.
  • Presentation of current content
    Get new ideas and refinement of primer work.
  • Establish a baseline for the primer fulfilling.

    Collaboration based on DIKW-pyramid in context of KM Primer.

Planned Activities

  • WG Meetings
  • WG projects/experiments

Planned Work Products

  1. TPP release for primer
  2. Primer released
  3. Knowledge map draft
  4. SE processes model released


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