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Working Group Purpose & Mission

Welcome to INCOSE's Lean Systems Engineering Working Group!

The Lean Systems Engineering Work Group is developing a new Lean Systems framework for creating new products or services which are compelling to Experiencers (people who purchase, operate, benefit, aspire and have to interface with the new product or service) and which are efficient to develop and produce. 


The mission of the INCOSE Lean Systems Engineering (LSE) Working Group is to strengthen the practice of Systems Engineering by exploring and capturing the synergy between traditional Systems Engineering and Lean Product Creation.

The objective is to advance the Body of Knowledge of how to apply Lean Systems Thinking to integrate people, processes, and tool for the most effective delivery of value to program stakeholders. Key workstreams to deploy these innovations include proposing Lean Systems Engineering ammendments to the INCOSE SE Handbook, developing and disseminating training materials and publications on Lean Systems Engineering within the INCOSE community, industry and academia.   

Lean Systems Engineering is a key element in the INCOSE transformation initiative of Model-Based Systems Engineering because the foundational strategy for driving efficiency and effectiveness improvements to how Systems Engineering is executed centers on developing and deploying human-centered models for target-setting, verification and decision-making.

Transformation Enablers

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Planned Activities

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Planned Work Products

    Lean Systems Engineering Framework for Efficiently Creating Compelling Human-Centered New Products or Services 



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