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INCOSE Working Group focused on improving the practice of needs, requirements development, management, verification and validation. Open to all INCOSE members.

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Welcome to Requirements Working Group

Our mission

The purpose of the Requirements Working Group (RWG) is to advance the practices, education and theory of systems engineering through excellence in needs and requirements definition and management, verification, and validation across the lifecycle.

The RWG work contributes to the realization of INCOSE's Vision 2035.

Tami and Lou

Tami and Lou were awarded for sustained performance. Additionally, Tami received a certificate of appreciation for her contribution to the RWG.

INCOSE RWG Monthly Meeting

The May session will be announced soon. Once published you can click here to enroll.

Process Enablers

TechOps Domain






Lou Wheatcraft (Wheatland Consulting)


  • Tami Katz (BAE Systems, Inc.)
  • Mike Ryan (Capability Associates)
  • Kevin Orr (Eaton)
  • Jeffery Williams (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
  • Katarzyna Kot (BA Coach)

Our goals

1. Develop and maintain INCOSE’s body of knowledge on with needs and requirements development and management across all systems engineering lifecycle process activities.

2. Communicate the importance of the relationship of needs and requirements to other systems engineering activities and artifacts.

3. Engage with the SE community, particularly through collaboration with other Working Groups.

4. Promote best practices associated with needs, requirements, verification, and validation in today's increasingly complex, software intensive systems.

5. Continue research into needs and requirements definition and management, including understanding the role of needs, requirements, verification, and validation across the lifecycle.

6. Support INCOSE’s efforts to move from a document-centric to a data-centric practice of SE.


The RWG will realize the following outcomes:
• Successful RWG meetings at IW and IS.
• Monthly virtual meetings and recordings.
• Presentations on the INCOSE RWG YouTube Channel.
• Up-to-date work products.
• Inputs to the SEBOK.
• Inputs to revisions of the SE HBK.
• Champions to lead RWG activities.
• Volunteers to participate in and contribute to RWG activities.
• Viva Engage discussions among RWG members.
• Announcements on Viva Engage and emails.
• Up to date RWG public and iNet pages.
• Collaboration with other INCOSE working groups, other professional societies, commercial and industry committees, government organizations, and academic institutions.
• INCOSE tutorials and webinars.
• Presentations to INCOSE Chapters. 
• Materials and presentations that can be used as part of an organization’s training program.

RWG YouTube channel

youtube_1384060Our presentations and meeting are recorded and published on INCOSE RWG - YouTube

teamwork_10523242 Join Requirements Working Group

To participate in our activities, you need to be an INCOSE member. To join our working group follow these steps:

  1. Log into your INCOSE account.
  2. Go to your Profile Page.
  3. On the upper right, click the link for "Join a Working Group".
  4. Find the desired Working Group and click on “Select”.  It will then change to say “Selected” with a check mark.  You can join as many WG as you are interested in.
  5. Return to your profile page and click on the link for “Communication & Directory Opt Out” and click on each box that applies for your communication preferences.  To receive emails from the WGs you have selected, you must “opt in” by checking the box next to “Working Group/Committee Emails”.
  6. Ensure you keep your email of record current.  You can change this from your profile page by clicking on the “Update my Profile” link.

2024 Requirements WG Plans


What happened at IW2024

  • The Saturday session was a presentation of an overview of the RWG, what it is about, and how to become a member. Presentation of plans for 2024.
  • The Sunday morning session was a repeat of the Saturday afternoon session.
  • The Sunday afternoon session was devoted to assessing poorly written requirements, identifying the defects, and writing an improved version of the requirement without the defects. This activity was very popular and generated a lot of discussion and engagement of the attendees.

Regular RWG Activities

  • Monthly web Meetings, Speakers or Exchange Cafés
  • Continued CAB Interactions and support
  • Engagement with other Working Groups (IV&V, Security, others)
  • Continued use of YouTube for RWG content
  • Regular use of Viva Engage for collaboration

2024 Planned Activities

  • Publication of Needs and Requirements Manual v2. (version 1 can be downloaded here)
  • Update the SEBoK.
  • Collaboration with other WGs.
  • Continue RWG Monthly meetings but conducting them at two different times in order to better serve our worldwide membership.
  • Continue to add presentations to our YouTube Channel.
  • Develop guidance on the use of our products – legally.
  • Develop guidance and a road map for using videos on our YouTube Channel for education and training.
  • Develop new whitepapers and guides.
  • Adding a third layer of management consisting of project managers of proposed new activities and products.

Some of these activities have already started as projects, you can read more about them on the iNet page (members only).

INCOSE RWG May Meeting


To be announced soon.

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