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Keynote Speakers

Mr. Steven J. Martin

Steven J. Martin is the Deputy, Digital Engineering Branch for Space Systems Integration Office (SSIO), Space Systems Command (SSC).

Mr. Martin has been leading the DE efforts at SSC at Los Angeles Air Force Base (LA AFB) since 2020.  He has worked for the United States Department of the Air Force for more than 30 years and has participated in many areas of weapon systems acquisition.  In his current position, he develops the strategy and tools to implementing DE for the SSIO and Program Offices at SSC. The main intent of the DE efforts is to increase the speed and agility of the acquisition process for space systems to address the threats and outpace our advisories.

Mr. Martin has been working at SSC since 2015 when he joined the Engineering Directorate as the Lead for the Software Advisory Group. His work with this group focused on implementing Agile Software Development techniques with Programs.  This then led to his current work to change the systems engineering processes to keep up with the increased pace of the agile software development.  Prior to working at SSC, Mr. Martin was the Chief Engineer for the Force Protection Division at Hanscom AFB near Boston, MA.  This division provided the Air Force with the systems needed to protect critical assets around the world, locate and defeat improvised explosive devices as well as secure air fields in the war zones, and keep our nuclear weapons secure.  He arrived at Hanscom AFB after completing his MBA at MIT’s Sloan Business School and his first position was supporting the Chief Architect to transition Air Force’s IT systems on to the cloud.  Before he left for school, he was the Weapon Integration Technical Expert at Edwards AFB, California.  He provides technical oversight for weapon testing such as air-to-air missile launches, smart weapon drops, and conventional bomb releases.  Most of this testing was conducted in conjunction with the development of new aircraft, upgrades in aircraft hardware and software, or integration of new weapons on existing aircraft.

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1989, Mr. Martin began his career at Edwards AFB testing the weapon delivery accuracy of the F-16 aircraft.  He worked on the introduction of GPS on the aircraft, the use of laser guided bombs, and the development of advanced air-to-air missiles and the High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM).  During his time working for the Air Force, he also earned two addition degrees including a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from California State University-Fresno. 

In his free time, Mr. Martin enjoys sailing, working on cars, creating projects with Arduino processors, and developing the website for his wife’s (Karen) business.



Dr. Adam Warren

Adam Warren is the director of the Accelerated Deployment and Decision Support (ADDS) center within the Energy Systems Integration directorate at NREL. ADDS focuses on the later stages of the innovation cycle with an emphasis on the Demonstration and Deployment phases of RDD&D. His team leads research addressing the technical, policy, and financial hurdles to developing resilient, advanced energy technologies at scale. The center helps government agencies, utilities, communities, and corporations meet ambitious clean energy goals while informing the direction of research and analysis at NREL.

Adam is the co-director of the Colorado School of Mines Advanced Energy Systems graduate program. This interdisciplinary program prepares researchers at the doctoral level and energy professionals at the master's level to address the full complexity of the accelerating energy transition.

Prior to joining NREL, Adam supported PepsiCo's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use in their Frito-Lay manufacturing facilities.

Adam holds a PhD in chemical engineering with a focus on control theory and operations research.


Sunday Tour: Dinosaur Ridge

  • $25/person, includes bus transportation and guided tour
  • Dinosaur Ridge is an outdoor/indoor museum near Morrison,CO featuring fossils from the Cretaceous and Jurassic Periods, first studied and named during the Bone Wars of 1877.  An esteemed panel of paleontologists rank Dinosaur Ridge as the #1 dinosaur tracksite in America.
  • This National Natural Landmark is the site of more than 300 dinosaur tracks, with 250 at the main tracksite, and is now ranked by paleontologists as #1 dinosaur tracksite in America.  This is also the location of the world’s first Stegosaurus fossil discovery!
  • The Dinosaur Ridge Trail is a paved section of West Alameda Parkway, which is open to pedestrians, bicyclists, and hikers, and closed to motorized traffic.  The site is world-famous for its Cretaceous period tracks and Jurassic period bones and remarkable geologic features.  With more than 15 fossil and geologic sites, each marked by interpretive signage, that can be accessed by foot, bike, or guided bus tour, there is nothing in the world like it.  Hiking the Ridge Trail takes 1-2 hours and is just over two miles round-trip on the paved road.


Visit their website for more information!

Climb Above the Buzzwords - Let's Hike

Are you an avid hiker? Are you interested in hiking in Colorado?

Attend this presentation on Friday afternoon to prepare for an actual hike early Saturday morning.

If you plan to attend this presentation, please also prepare to dress appropriately for the hike. Plan to bring a moisture-wicking shirt, light jacket, shorts or pants, hat, comfortable socks, hiking or trail shoes, and sunscreen.

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