Maple Tree Café

INCOSE Maple SE Cafe

Welcome to the new season of Maple Café!

We meet every other Friday at 8:00 am US Pacific for an impromptu forum, with suggested topics to get the conversation started. While INCOSE is hosting these cafes for the Systems Engineering community, they are open to the public — invite your friends!

To keep things a little more organized this year (and give the moderators an occasional break!), we are now running in five-month "seasons" with a short break between. After everyone's help brainstorming before Christmas, we have a great set of topics lined up:


January 13: Engineering Builds Character
Share your stories of revisiting old projects from when you were young and foolish.

January 27: Career pathways
What does it mean to be a junior / journey / senior SE? Are there better divisions?

February 10: Technical Leadership

February 24: "What do you *want*?!"
Requirements elicitation advice and commiseration

March 10: Unwritten Laws of Engineering
Read/summarize King & Skakoon’s classic advice, and discuss whether there are any new laws
(With special guest!)

March 24: TBD
Topic To Be Determined

April 7: Career Pathways
How do you jump to SE from other engineering disciplines? What skills are most important to start?

April 21: Diversity and Inclusion
How can we improve requirements elicitation, design, and feedback?

May 5: TBD
Topic To Be Determined

May 19: Those are MY Requirements!
How do we select and enforce licenses for system architectures and requirements?

June 2: Wrap-Up and Planning
Help us plan Season 2

There will be a short hiatus after June 2, and we will return with Season 2 in mid-July.



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