INCOSE Systems Engineering in Healthcare Conference

Why You Should Present

1. Contribute to and learn about the most recent advances in Systems Engineering 

2. Be an Advocate for Systems Engineering 

3. Learn how to talk about your experiences (successes and stumbling points)

4. Contribute to your overall professional profile

5. Meet other systems engineers and potential contacts for future positions

6. As a student presenting bolsters your resume and is great presentation skill practice

The INCOSE Systems Engineering in Healthcare Conference is a forum for sharing ideas with your colleagues.  It is an ‘intimate’ conference with less than 100 attendees and only two or three meeting rooms…large enough to capture a good cross-section of companies yet small enough to meet the people you want to.  The agenda is structured to give plenty of time for networking and informal sharing.

Presenters get a number of benefits: 
• Roughly 50% off the already low attendance fees
• A chance to share your ideas in a friendly environment and get feedback on what has worked (or maybe more importantly what challenges were confronted) at other companies doing similar work
• Meeting colleagues with similar interest…as a presenter people from other companies you never knew will search you out in breaks to share insights

The committee structure has made the ‘barrier to entry’ relatively low.  While we encourage submitting a story board/draft of your presentation (and those submissions will be given preference), we only require a short abstract to be considered.

Speaker Testimonials

“This conference was a great venue for presenting ongoing research in new engineering and management technologies. A very good group of diverse, knowledgeable, and engaged subject matter experts and decision makers. I’m confident the information on new techniques and tools presented will be thoroughly integrated in a cross-domain manner.” - Mike Pafford  

“The INCOSE Healthcare Working Group SE Conference is a great venue for exchange with the community on state-of-the-art methods, challenges, and opportunities. The targeted attendees are well-connected to the domain issues of the day, and the lively interactive atmosphere provides a stimulating environment that rewards the investment of time - Bill Schindel, President ICTT System Sciences and INCOSE Fellow

“As a speaker I got to share ideas and insights on how various aspects of SE fit in the product design cycle and contribute to the efficient development of medical devices that address real user needs while delivering product quality and reliability. The conference offers multiple interaction opportunities with SMEs to discuss novel design approaches, methodologies and tools used by SE professionals in healthcare.” - Ali Hamadeh, Systems Architect and Lead Systems Designer, GE Healthcare

Submission deadline is Feb 15th.  Presenters can click here to submit their abstract.

Click here to register to attend the conference.