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INCOSE Cascade Chapter 



A Systems Engineering Practitioners’

Roadmap: from Brazil to Japan in the

Aviation Industry


Thursday, April 29th at 6:30 - 7:30pm PDT US, but join early! See below!


6:00pm-6:30pm: Networking, Check In, and Informal Discussion

6:30pm-6:35pm: Cascade Chapter Welcome & Speaker Introduction

6:35pm-7:25pm: Speaker Presentation, Questions, & Discussion

7:25pm-7:30pm: Wrap Up

7:30pm-7:45pm: ‘After Hours’ Open Discussion


A Systems Engineering Practitioners’ Roadmap: from Brazil to Japan in the Aviation Industry

From a System Engineering practitioner’s perspective, Leandro Silvério will share some histories and comparisons between the Brazilian and Japanese aviation industry. Additionally, he will share information about his current academic project related to the development of a lean self-assessment framework to be deployed in an enterprise jeopardized by the lack of lean engagement. The framework objective is the improvement of the enterprise’s leanness level through the definition of a lean index to provide insights for decision-makers, as well as some guidelines for the managers to introduce recommended changes on their lean implementation journey. Moreover, he will provide some interesting and useful perceptions about similarities and differences from working in different countries with very different cultures.


Speaker: Leandro Silvério, PhD

Dr. Silvério is a System Engineer with 13+ years of practical experience in world distinguished projects with industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, working closely with specialists in multidisciplinary teams for the "build to specification" development for the aircraft systems. Along with his professional and academic career, Silvério has developed a solid technical and managerial knowledge in the areas of design, testing, human factors, system integration, requirement engineering (V&V), safety reliability analysis, end-to-end environmental qualification, and tests coordination for aircraft complex systems. Moreover, a proven experience for lean implementation in AAA companies, with 3 published papers: "A roadmap for a leanness company to emerge as a true lean organization," DOI:; "Application phases for productivity improvement through lean methods assessments in an aeronautical company – case study," DOI: and "Performance measurement and improvement of lean manufacturing operations: a leanness assessment literature review for the product development industry," DOI:


Join Early:

Just as we would in a physical meeting, join us early and share a little about what you are working on or chat about systems engineering issues. The meeting link will open 30 minutes before the main meeting starts to allow some ‘social’ time and stay open a few minutes following for any extra discussion.


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INCOSE Cascade Chapter Events

Cascade Chapter Speaker: J. Scott - Servant Leadership that gets Sh*t Done!

Are you tired of hearing that most Projects fail because of poor communication? The frustration you feel is probably because you instinctively understand the following:
• Projects don’t fail; they don’t have a heartbeat or a social security number. People fail…
• Communication is simply the vehicle we use to lead…
• Blaming failure on communication is the greatest obstacle to addressing the lack of leadership skills that lead to undesirable outcomes.
If we were to simplify the success criteria for a leader, it would be “they enable their team to get sh*t done that creates value for their organization.”
This presentation will provide the audience with 2 simple game-changing techniques to earn credibility and 6 leadership techniques that can be put into practice immediately. J. Scott will show you that great leaders aren’t just born, they can be made!
Our Presenter:
From the start of his career spent jumping out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer in the United States Navy, J. Scott has a long history of leadership, servanthood, and bearing witness to the transformative power of getting sh*t done. Since starting 120VC he's personally overseen the global transformational efforts within organizations such as DirecTV, Trader Joe's, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and others. His team's unique, irreverent approach to change has generated breakthrough results and created meaningful jobs. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, J. Scott is a devoted husband and father and author of "It's Never Just Business: It's About People," and "The Irreverent Guide to Project Management," both available on

Join Early:
Just as we would in a physical meeting, join us early and chat about your favorite systems engineering topic. The meeting link will open 15 minutes before the main meeting starts to allow some ‘social’ time.